Everyone Knows Someone: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

awarenessframeThe theory behind “Six Degrees of Separation,” suggests that we know someone that knows someone that knows Beyoncé or maybe someone who’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Aside from celebrities and super human achievements, we are often connected by life events like cancer, particularly ovarian cancer.

Nearly every person knows a mother, sister, or friend that has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer but we don’t talk about it or hear about it. Perhaps it’s a cancer that we’re still trying to make sense of, both on the cultural and scientific front. Whatever the case, it remains the deadliest gynecological cancer, with only a 46 percent cancer of survival compared to 89 percent for breast cancer.

Aspira Labs, a Vermillion company, is launching a campaign to encourage more people impacted by ovarian cancer to begin raising their voices. The national campaign, “Everyone Knows Someone,” aims to highlight the “everyones” impacted by ovarian cancer.

You’re a someone that knows someone who has been impacted by ovarian cancer. Now it’s time for everyone to start raising our voices about it.



Everyone Knows Someone: Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi with Parents

Joe Girardi, manager of the New York Yankees, loss his mother Angela to ovarian cancer while he was a student-athlete at Northwestern University. “My mother, Angela, was a small Italian woman who was kind but tough on us about our education,” said Girardi. “I feel fortunate that my mother was given three to six months to live, and she lived six years. But golly, I sure would have liked to have sixteen or twenty-six years with her.” Watch his story here.



Everyone Knows Someone: Kim, Gwen, and Gailtricia


Kim Emory, Gwen Key, and Gailtricia Fogg share more than just their home state of Georgia. They share the love and memory of their friend and sorority sister, Benita Osbey. Benita passed away from ovarian cancer in 2014 but she landed into their live and exploded with a vision to ensure more women knew about ovarian cancer. “Benita had an indomitable spirit. Nothing could deter her from living fully and out loud — not even ovarian cancer,” said Kim, a five-year ovarian cancer survivor. Watch their story here.



Everyone Knows Someone: Elisa Blynn and Sharon Blynn


When Elisa Blynn’s identical twin sister (AKA ‘wombmate’) Sharon was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she knew she would be there every step of the way. She decorated her sister’s room in different themes after her chemotherapy sessions and arranged a haircut house call courtesy of their childhood stylist. Sharon has been in remission since 2003 and credits her sister for helping her through her journey. “I love her and I can’t live without her,” said Sharon. Watch their story here.