How One Daughter Inadvertently Saved Her Mother’s Life

July 7, 2016

For many women, pregnancy is an unequivocally happy time. Now, imagine if this excitement were overshadowed by the terrifying reality of cancer. That is exactly what happened to one young mom-to-be.

At 22 years old, Ivette and her husband were overjoyed to be expecting, but when doctors discovered a cancerous mass growing alongside their baby, fear set in. And when the mass ruptured, Ivette’s only concern was her daughter’s life. Now cancer-free, Ivette credits her daughter Amanda, now 27, with saving her life. Had she not been pregnant, she wouldn’t have known she had cancer.

 Thankfully, Ivette’s story ended happily — but it was not without its trials. Cancer treatment is already a draining experience. Now, imagine the added stress of taking care of a newborn at the same time. But she never gave up the fight for the chance to watch her daughter grow up. In the end, she won.

Ivette admits to not knowing the warning signs of ovarian cancer prior to her diagnosis (or even that the disease existed). Now, she’s on a mission to help educate other women about the symptoms and to give others hope.

Just in time for Mother’s Day and World Ovarian Cancer Day, watch their heartwarming journey.