How to Use Mother’s Day as a Starting Point for Your Mom’s Health

July 7, 2016

This Mother’s Day, skip the humdrum gifts like flowers, candy, and cards. Sure, all moms appreciate that type of present, but what they truly crave from their kids is something more meaningful.

 Give your mom what she really wants — a gift that shows how much you care about her — and start a conversation about her health.

asian mother and adult daughter sitting on couch smiling

Give Your Mom the Gift of Health

Most moms put so much energy into taking care of the rest of their families that they forget to take care of themselves. Now’s your chance to thank her for taking care of you. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to encourage your mom to make herself — and her health — a priority. Here are five tips for giving your mom the gift of health this year:

1. Set a tone for the conversation. Starting a conversation about your mother’s health can seem intimidating at first — after all, you don’t want to offend her or have her brush off your concerns. Make sure she understands why you’re starting the conversation: because you love her and want her around for a long time.

2. Have the talk in the right place. Your mom will be most receptive if you begin the conversation in the right setting. Try talking to her when you’re enjoying time together, whether you are taking her to lunch, serving her breakfast in bed, or joining her in an activity she enjoys. A serious discussion is easier to digest when she’s in a comfortable setting and already giving you her full attention.

3. Say what you mean. Address specific areas of concern head-on; don’t make her guess what you’re trying to say. Make specific suggestions about ways she can focus on herself more — such as incorporating exercise into her daily routine or talking to her doctor about health conditions that might affect women in her age group. And don’t be afraid to talk about gynecological health. It might seem scary, but diseases like ovarian cancer can be hard to identify without regular checkups.

4. Turn it into a bonding experience. Offer to join your mom in her new health-oriented activities. Make a date to go on regular walks, create a plan to kick unhealthy habits together, and schedule appointments to get you both checked out by your gynecologist. Your mom will appreciate the time and support you give her, and you’ll benefit from these healthy habits, too!

5. Give her health swag. There are a lot of health-related gifts your mother might also enjoy for Mother’s Day. For example, if she wants to be more physically active, you could buy her a gym membership or some sessions with a personal trainer. If healthy eating is her goal, get her a subscription to a light cooking magazine or a nutrition-focused cookbook. You can even sign her up for a healthy-eating cooking class. Fitness trackers, sessions with a life coach, dancing lessons, a bicycle, or a certificate for acupressure are other great gift ideas.

Instead of buying your mom the standard chocolates or a nice potted plant for Mother’s Day this year, start a conversation about how important her health and overall quality of life are to you and your family. Showing her how much you care will have a greater effect than any physical gift ever could. Your mom has always done her best to keep you healthy — this is your chance to do the same for her